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SavingsCentral provides energy efficient savings for Hudson Valley customers of Central Hudson Gas & Electric.

Get a Rebate on New, Natural Gas Heating Equipment

SavingsCentral offers rebates of up to $700 on energy efficient heating equipment. This is for residential electric customers who upgrade their heating systems with specific types of energy efficient equipment, such as natural gas furnaces and boilers.

You must use a SavingsCentral Trade Ally to qualify for SavingsCentral rebates. We at Perfect Temperature Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Solar Geothermal are a SavingsCentral Trade Ally. Trade Ally is the name Central Hudson uses for a local contractor who installs heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. A SavingsCentral Trade Ally has agreed to perform high-quality installations of energy-efficient equipment as an affiliate of Central Hudson’s energy efficiency programs.

Rebate levels are based on energy efficiency, and we use a thermal efficiency measure of combustion equipment called the annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating. The AFUE needs to be at least 90 to qualify for a rebate.

Type of equipment Minimum performance Rebate
Furnace AFUE>=90% $140
Furnace AFUE>=92% $280
ECM Fan (for furnaces) $200
Water Boiler AFUE>=85% $350
Water Boiler AFUE>=90% $700
Steam Boiler AFUE>=82% $350
Boiler Reset Control Listed on sales receipt $70
Indirect Water Heater Listed on sales receipt $210
Programmable Thermostat Listed on sales receipt $18

An ECM is an electronically commutated DC motor. There is a lot less power needed to operate this when compared to an AC motor, and this type of motor usually features built-in processors that allow it to be programmed.

Home Sealing
Only customers heating their homes with electric or natural gas are eligible for incentives under this home sealing program. Incentives of up to $600 are available for residential customers to professionally seal leaky homes after having an eligible SavingsCentral Trade Ally perform blower door and duct blaster testing. Please see the rebate form for details. Only customers heating their homes with electric or natural gas are eligible.

For more information and rebate forms, please visit http://www.savingscentral.com

Expert repair, replacement, and new installations of all manner of plumbing, including:

∙ Faucets
∙ Sinks
∙ Toilets
∙ Water Softeners
∙ Water Filtration
∙ Water Heaters (tankless and regular tank units)
∙ 24 hr Emergency Repairs

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Expert repair, replacement, and new installations of Oil, Gas and Propane systems, including:

∙ Geothermal Heating
∙ Hot Air Furnaces
∙ Boilers
∙ Heat Pump Systems
∙ Radiant Floor Heating
∙ Thermostat Replacement
∙ Frozen Pipes
∙ Oil Tank Replacement
∙ 24 hr Emergency Repairs

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We are air conditioning system specialists, providing expert repair, replacement, or new installations of:

∙ Central A/C
∙ Ductless A/C
∙ Energy saving high efficiency air conditioning models
∙ Fan Motors
∙ Geothermal Cooling
∙ 24 hr Emergency Repairs

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HVAC units are one of the biggest energy hogs in a home. Up to half of a home's energy costs can be attributed to its HVAC system. With rising energy costs, and an increased global awareness of environmental issues, “green HVAC” systems are becoming a standard when it comes to home construction and maintenance.

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Perfect Temperature LLC provides service and repair on all brands of heating and conditioning equipment in the Hudson Valley residential community. Our highly experienced technicians guarantee satisfaction and are committed to providing the highest-quality plumbing, heating and air conditioning service and repair, combined with friendly and courteous customer service.

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